3 Piece Nativity Christmas Tree Ornaments Set

$ 22.00

Infuse your home with the spirit of Christmas by adorning your tree with this elegant 3 Piece Nativity Christmas Tree Ornaments Set. Crafted from high-quality ceramic, each ornament portrays a scene from the timeless Nativity story, adding a touch of reverence and beauty to your holiday decor. With their neutral color palette, these ornaments effortlessly complement any festive theme and make a stunning addition to both traditional and modern settings. Whether hung on your tree or used as a focal point in a Christmas wreath, these ornaments are sure to inspire and uplift your holiday celebrations.

Product Details:

  • Set of 3 ceramic ornaments depicting scenes from the Nativity story
  • Neutral color palette complements any Christmas decor
  • Perfect for adorning Christmas trees or wreaths
  • Each ornament includes a string for easy hanging
  • Ideal for gifting or personal use

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