75071 McKinney TX Zip Code Ceramic Magnet

$ 8.99
Are you looking for a unique and charming way to show off your hometown pride? Do you love the vibrant and historic city of McKinney, Texas? Then you'll love this 75071 McKinney TX Zip Code Ceramic Magnet from Moss Rose Designs! This magnet features a beautiful ceramic tile with the zip code 75071 printed in a stylish font. The tile has a magnetic backing that makes it easy to attach to any metal surface, such as your fridge, locker, or office desk.

The magnet is part of the Zip Code Collection by Moss Rose Designs, a local business that creates stunning and original products inspired by Texas culture and landmarks. Whether you want to celebrate your roots, commemorate a trip, or surprise a friend with a thoughtful gift, this magnet is the perfect choice for you!