Vintage Pyrex 10" Cobalt Blue Pie Plate with Small Scalloped Handles

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Vintage Pyrex 10" Cobalt Blue Pie Plate with Small Scalloped Handles

Experience the nostalgia of vintage baking with this timeless Pyrex 10" Cobalt Blue Pie Plate. Crafted with durable glass and featuring small scalloped handles, this classic pie plate exudes charm and functionality, perfect for baking your favorite pies or adding a touch of retro flair to your kitchen decor.

Key Features:

Vintage Charm: Step back in time with this classic cobalt blue pie plate from Pyrex, a beloved brand known for its quality and enduring appeal.
Durable Glass Construction: Made from high-quality glass, this pie plate is built to withstand high temperatures and provides even heat distribution for perfectly baked pies every time.
Cobalt Blue Color: The vibrant cobalt blue color adds a pop of personality to your kitchen, making it a standout piece in your bakeware collection.
Small Scalloped Handles: The small scalloped handles not only add a decorative touch but also provide a secure grip for easy handling, from oven to table.
Versatile Use: Ideal for baking sweet or savory pies, quiches, tarts, and more, this pie plate is a versatile addition to your kitchen arsenal.
Easy to Clean: Pyrex glass is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze after baking delicious pies for family and friends.
Collectible Piece: As a vintage Pyrex piece, this cobalt blue pie plate is not only functional but also serves as a cherished collectible for enthusiasts of retro kitchenware.

Brand: Pyrex
Color: Cobalt Blue
Size: 10" Diameter
Material: Glass
Features: Small Scalloped Handles
Note: As a vintage item, minor signs of wear or imperfections may be present, adding to the character and authenticity of the piece.

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