Gigi's Kitchen Always in Business 4x4 inch Marble Coaster

$ 10.99

Elevate your kitchen decor with this charming marble coaster featuring the endearing message "Gigi's Kitchen Always in Business." Crafted from premium marble, this coaster not only protects your table surfaces from drink rings and stains but also adds a touch of warmth and personality to your home. Whether you're preparing meals for loved ones or enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning, let this coaster remind you of the love and hospitality that defines Gigi's kitchen.

Material: Marble
Dimensions: 4x4 inches
Design: "Gigi's Kitchen Always in Business"
Protects surfaces from drink rings and stains
Adds warmth and personality to any space
Ideal for gifting to grandmothers or as a housewarming present

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