This.Eclectic.Journey - Such Sweet Inspiration for New Designs!

After creating copy for social media for 10 years, you come to a point of "What haven’t I said?"  So I ask AI a simple question, "What is there left to say?"

AI's first suggestion was, "Relate a change of direction", so my previous post.  Today it mentioned inspiration.  Ahhh, that’s easy… so here goes.

I find inspiration in people, friends, loved ones and in surprised moments. Such as the trip past Mellow Mushroom, McKinney, to the dumpster and hearing a voice say, “Andrew is going to make the best dad!” 

You see, Andrew and Kate own Fair and Square Imports down the street from 540 Mercantile.  Louisiana Street, to me, is a bit like “Mayberry” with the shopkeepers working together and supporting each other.  Both Andrew and Kate are precious to me and when I heard that comment, the creativity jump started! 

Until recently, most people know me as Diana, another story for a blog post to come.  Most little ones can’t say Diana, but Nana comes easily.  So Di-Nana seemed to fit.

For Andrew and Kate’s new baby, I went with no floral detail just in case.  It was perfect for little Artie, he's actually 4 now! But you can choose with flowers if you like that option!

Let’s create a special gift together, shall we? 

Link is here: Customized Baby Bodysuit

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